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Portland Area Rodent & Pest Control

We prioritize safety for you and the world around you
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Owners of Campbell Natural Pest Control

Meet the Campbells

Holly and Austin Campbell prioritize safety for you and the world around you.
License: AG-L1079908CPO

We’re highly rated

“Austin was very thorough, responsive, and methodical in addressing the mice infestation in our home. The communication was exceptional on all fronts. It was a great experience and we would use Campbell Natural Pest Control again!” —Wayne S.

Rodent Control

Rats and mice: We’re your go-to experts in natural rodent control right here in Portland! Say goodbye to harsh chemicals – we specialize in trapping and plugging up entry holes. You won’t find these one-of-a-kind services anywhere else: we’ve got rat birth control, gutter flashing, and top-notch trench and screen installations. Ready to get started? Our inspections are only $99.

Ant Control

Ants: Those pesky odorous house ants (also known as sugar ants) and pavement ants are quite the common sight around the Portland area. Whether they’ve set up camp in your kitchen wall or decided to explore your back deck, no worries – we’re here to take care of it all! And the best part? Our prices begin at just $149.

Wasp and Hornet Control

Wasps & Hornets: In the wonderful Portland area, we’ve got a variety of stinging insects like yellow jackets, European paper wasps, and bold-faced hornets. No need to fret, though – we’ve got your back! Our one-time service, priced at just $199, comes with free follow-ups. No matter how big that nest might be, we’re committed to getting the job done right.

Spider Service

Spiders: We’re here to help make your space feel spider-free and cozy! We’ll take care of clearing away those pesky webs and treat both the inside and outside of your home or business. Plus, we’ve got some great tips to share – like drawing your curtains at night, which keeps those bugs away from your windows. Our pricing begins at just $149.


As a Portland pest control business we’re based in North Portland but we service as far east as Hillsboro, west beyond Gresham, and south to Wilsonville.

Beaverton Pest Control

Residents rely on Beaverton pest control services to keep their homes critter-free and comfortable.

Fairview Pest Control

Our neighbors in Fairview trust the Campbells for effective natural pest control to maintain a peaceful and pest-free environment in their community.

Gladstone Pest Control

When it comes to keeping homes critter-free, our Gladstone pest control services are the go-to choice!

Gresham Pest Control

Exploring this vibrant community becomes even more enjoyable when you know you have reliable pest control in Gresham!

Happy Valley Pest Control

Enjoying the beautiful parks and neighborhoods is even better when you have reliable pest control in Happy Valley.

Johnson City Pest Control

The Campbells offer great service and transparent prices for pest control in Johnson City.

Lake Oswego Pest Control

Don’t hesitate to call us for your Lake Oswego pest control needs!

Maywood’s Park Pest Control

Maywood’s Park pest control calls are almost all at single family homes. We’ll help with rodents, spiders, and more!

Milwaukie Pest Control

Wasps, spiders, ants, or rodents bugging you? Call us for Milwaukie pest control!

Portland Pest Control

We aim to offer the best pest control Portland has to offer. Call us for rodent control, natural ant service, spider service and more!

Tigard Pest Control

Tigard rodent control and insect control is available in the central part of our service area.

Troutdale Pest Control

Riverfront homes mean riverfront pests! Lots of food and water leads to calls for Troutdale pest control.

Wood Village Pest Control

On the Eastern side of our service area, we offer Wood Village pest control with up front prices.

Why is poison-free rodent control better?

Unlike some other exterminators who might push rat poison because it’s quick and cheap, we take a different stance. We’re not fans of that method, and here’s why: Rat poison doesn’t just harm rats; it can hurt owls, raccoons, and other animals up the food chain when they eat poisoned rats. And that’s not all – those rats that do ingest poison can end up dying in your walls or crawl space insulation. Imagine the hassle of trying to find and remove those critters! It’s not a pretty picture and can leave your place stinky for quite some time.

There’s also a growing resistance to rat poison, which can lead to more rats rather than less. So, let’s be real: rat poison isn’t kind to the environment, it’s no friend to your walls, and it becomes less effective over time.

How do you define natural rodent control?

It’s all about sealing up those holes – think of it as creating a no-entry zone for these critters. Exterminators have a fancy term for it: “exclusion,” because you’re excluding them from your home. Typically we pair exclusion with physical trapping. Both methods are part of our 3 Visit Plan for rodent control. So, whether it’s sealing up holes or setting up traps, we’ve got a friendly and effective plan to make your space rodent-free.

Can rodent control without poison be effective?

At Campbell Natural Pest Control, we’re thrilled to lead the way as pioneers in bringing you rat birth control to Portland and the surrounding areas. We carry ContraPest – it’s a liquid that we set up in tanks outside your home or business. Rats consume it and overtime they become infertile, a lot like a human birth control pill. While it’s not a magic snap-of-the-fingers change, the results are astonishing. Both lab data and our own real-world tests have shown mind-blowing drops of over 90% in rat populations within the first year. After it’s consumed it transforms into harmless byproducts, making it safe for birds of prey and all those animals that snack on rodents. We’re not just changing the pest control game; we’re making sure it’s eco-friendly and critter-friendly too!