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3 Reasons Why Eco Pest Control Works!

Old-school pest control is out! Perhaps more than ever, families and businesses seek eco pest control in Portland, OR! It’s not only an ethical choice but also guaranteed to keep your family and furry friends safe from poison baits.

Campbell Natural Pest Control| We Offer the Best Eco Pest Control in Portland, OR.

benefits of eco pest services in Portland, OR
benefits of choosing the best eco friendly pest control company in Portland, OR

Let’s face it, there are plenty of pests in Portland, and these little critters are a pain for any homeowner.

Rats, mice, roaches, and more – these little critters can be expensive to get rid of! But that’s not the only problem! The harmful chemicals used in traditional pest control can be dangerous for your family and your furry friends.

Campbell Natural Pest Control delivers innovative, integrative eco-friendly pest control in Portland, OR. We utilize integrative pest management strategies that are effective, ethical, and affordable.

Why Choose Eco Pest Services?

Eco-friendly pest control is an environmentally friendly way to get rid of pets naturally and ethically. That said, Portland pest control companies define ‘eco pest control’ in many ways. At Campbell Natural Pest Control, we believe that eco pest services go hand-in-hand with natural pest control.

Eco pest services focus on using strategies that aren’t going to leech into the environment or damage surrounding wildlife. The aim of eco pest control is to use safe, green products ensuring we do as little damage to the environment as possible.

Portland Natural Pest Control.

Natural pest control in Portland utilizes an (IPM) integrated pest management strategy. It’s a more proactive approach – we find the natural ways to prevent and address pest problems.

Still not sure what we mean by natural pest control?

Here’s an example…

If you’ve got a rat or mouse infestation in Portland, we may consider adding a barn owl box to your property. Barn owls can help reduce the rodent population – it’s the best form of natural rodent control!

#1. Eco Pest Management is Poison Free!

poison free eco pest control near me

Kids and pets play around in the backyard, so you wouldn’t want them to come into contact with poisonous bait. When consumed, rat bait and poisons can be toxic to pets and people, not to mention toxic to wildlife. This is why more Portland pest control companies choose to go poison free!

#2. Eco Exterminators are Ethical.

Not everyone likes killing rats and mice! Most eco exterminators will provide homeowners ethical alternatives to killing pests in the area. At Campbell Natural Pest Control one of these options include implementing rodent birth control.

Yes, you heard that correctly!

Contrapest is liquid rat birth control that works to reduce rodent fertility. Check out our page on Contrapest rat birth control in Portland, OR.

#3. Natural Pest Control is Integrated!

The aim of Portland natural pest control is to minimize our actions’ impact on the environment and wildlife. To do this, we choose to utilize proactive, preventative strategies that ensure the pest problem.

For example, if you’ve got an ant infestation in Portland, Oregon, it’s imperative to find out what’s causing them. Ants are attracted to reliable food and water, and a heat source. Ant exterminators may eliminate the ant trail and nest, but they may not address the root cause. That’s when eco-pest control steps in!

Our natural and eco pest control services include:

  • Identifying the type of ant species invading your home so we can work to eradicate them better.
  • Evaluate the perimeter of your home, and its internal structure to determine ant attractants and entry points.
  • Devise an IPM program to ensure we help you prevent future ant infestations.

Find out why ants are attracted to a home?

The Best Eco-Friendly Pest Control Company is Here!

Situated in Portland, Oregon – we are proud to provide the best eco pest control services throughout the county. From Gresham to Lake Osewaga, the best eco friendly pest control company is here to help.