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Why are Ants Attracted to my Home?

Here in Portland, Oregon, if you are experiencing an ant issue, it is probably either an odorous house ant (also commonly referred to as the “sugar ant”) or pavement ant. Homeowners often wonder why they continue to have an ant issue despite their best efforts. We’ll explain three common attractants that you probably aren’t considering.

Food Sources

First, the odorous house ant is a species most drawn to a sweet food source. This is not simply limited to sugary foods that can be left around the house. They can also be attracted to sweet budding flowers such as peonies and roses. Something we have in ample supply here in Rose City! When a viable food source has been found, these ants leave a pheromone trail that allows other worker ants to locate the source.

To keep close to their sweet treat, these tiny ants will create nests within the walls and flooring of your home. Check out the video below from one of our customer’s homes for a great example. Ants nested in the concrete slab of the home and the customer woke up to find a large trail of ants near their utility closet. Because the ants were coming from the inside of the home, using an ant bait was the best line of attack to ensure that the ants took the bait back to the nest and infiltrate the colony.

Water Source

Ants are not just attracted to food sources. They also love warm, sheltered, and humid conditions. They rely on such conditions to build nests and colonies.  One of the most important environmental factors that attract ants to a home is a water source. Leaky pipes, water heaters, or indoor house plants are all water sources that ants are attracted to.

Heat Source

In addition to water and food, ants are also commonly found in electrical outlets and other sources of heat.

We don’t know the specific reason why electricity attracts ants. However, one proposed theory appears to be related to heat signature. Electrical currents release heat, creating a warm climate which is perfect for ants seeking shelter during the winter months.

Check out this smoke alarm in one our customer’s homes. They weren’t aware that they had an ant issue until they started noticing ants falling from the ceiling. Low and behold, the ants were drawn to this smoke alarm.

If you’re experiencing an ant issue in your Oregon home, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 503-303-8303. You can find out more about how we treat for ants naturally here. You can book an appointment with us online here.