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Meet The Campbells

We are so glad you’re here and grateful for the opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Austin Campbell

First off, I’m Austin aka the head technician, head of operations and owner of our little family business. I do almost everything but with the help of my wonderful wife Holly.

My unsuspected journey in pest control began several years back, in Alabama and rather simply. I had only one motive when first deciding to make the transition and that was the ability to work outdoors. For years I regretted spending most of my day working inside and inevitably missing much of the beauty that the day had to offer. Pest control wielded unlimited access to the outdoors and I loved every bit of it: rain, sleet, or shine. After I got going I was surprised to find myself loving virtually every other aspect of the work just as much! The problem solving, the tactile nature, the personal interactions, and even the driving thanks to Spotify and Audible.

A few years in we decided to move from Alabama to Seattle. There I became a part of a small family owned pest control business that was just flat out doing pest control better. Better for their team, better for their customers, and better for the planet. Campbell Natural Pest Control is the fruit of my time discovering a love for this work and getting to do it with phenomenal people. My goal is to provide unparalleled pest control service in Portland and to enjoy every minute of making your home and the planet a better place.

Holly Campbell

Hi there, I’m Holly. I perform the behind-the-scenes tasks here at Campbell Natural Pest Control. Having our own family-owned business allows me to work from home, which was the ideal situation for me as we prepare to grow our family here in Portland.

When I’m not working, I love to explore all the beauty the PNW has to offer and take my pup to the dog park. Before working in pest control, I was a social worker. Children’s mental health and foster care are two areas I am still highly passionate about and I still love to find related opportunities to volunteer for in the community.

One thing that I take pride in our business, is knowing that not only can we make conscious decisions about the products we allow in our homes, but now we can also help our Portland neighbors feel safe and confident in doing the same.

Having pests in your home is stressful. My hope for our business is to take some of that stress away from you by walking you through the process, helping you feel safe and confident in the products you choose, and ultimately getting rid of the pests in a way that is safest for your family and the earth.