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Restaurant Pest Control in Portland

Your reputation is of utmost importance and pest control is a key part of any successful restaurant. Kitchens naturally attract rodents and insects of all kinds even when you work hard to keep them clean. When sanitation alone isn’t solving your problem, give us a call for a natural solution.

We provide a wide range of affordable and tailor made solutions for pests including:

  • Rats and mice
  • Ants
  • Flies
  • Cockroaches
  • And more


Our prices will vary with the size of your kitchen and the severity of the issue. Most restaurants will need recurring service on a monthly or quarterly basis to gain full control or insects and rodents.

Call or email us for a quote.

Our Natural Approach

No matter how clean your kitchen is there may be ways you can make the space less appealing to pests. Caulking cracks along windows, installing screens, and adding sweeps under alley doors are just a few simple and natural ways to discourage insects and rodents from invading your restaurant.

Rats and Mice in Restaurants

The best defense against rats and mice is a combination of exclusion methods (sealing them out) and setting traps.

  • We conduct a full property inspection to find where the rodents are entering the structure.
  • We seal up any holes greater than ¼ inch with rodent proof materials.
  • We place poison free traps in strategic areas.
  • Unlike most pest control companies we do not use poisonous baits. Whenever a rodent consumes poison it enters the food chain and can secondarily poison local wildlife and neighborhood pets. This is a risk that we are willing to avoid at all costs. Fortunately, trapping, though more labor intensive, is extremely effective.

Ants in Restaurants

  • To start off, we identify the ants, as control measures will differ from species to species.
  • Next, we inspect the interior and exterior of your restaurant to check for entry points and pheromone trails.
  • Then, we destroy any visible nests or trails.
  • We typically apply a perimeter application of a natural powder and/or spray along with targeting nests.
  • When necessary, we place baits in strategic locations to avoid contact with pets and children while eliminating the largest number of ants.
  • In some cases the nests are located outside your property which makes eliminating them difficult. For stubborn situations we recommend our quarterly service.