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Natural Flea Service in Portland

Our cats and dogs are part of our families and we all want them to be healthy and happy. Unfortunately, along with much of Portland’s wildlife, they are susceptible to becoming a host to fleas. In addition, the mild climate in western Oregon allows fleas to remain active virtually year round. Consequently, you may have seen these tiny insects on your pets, bouncing around your home or even on yourself. Our Portland natural flea service is the perfect way to get a handle on your flea problem while avoiding harsh chemicals.



for 3 treatments.

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plus other discounts with our Quarterly Service.

Owners of Campbell Natural Pest Control

Meet the Campbells

Holly and Austin Campbell prioritize safety for you and the world around you.
License: AG-L1079908CPO

How We Control Fleas Naturally

  • To start off we will inspect your home and any friendly pets for evidence of fleas because positive identification is always key.
  • Next, we will set a few poison free monitoring traps to help with identification and to track our progress.
  • Then, we will treat the particular problem spots in your home with one or more of our natural products.
  • We will also help you find natural ways to make your home less attractive to fleas.

What You Should Do Before Our First Service

  • Prepare for people and pets to leave for about an hour after our treatment so that any wet products we use can dry.
  • Vacuum all carpet and furniture and throw the bag or canister away.
  • Wash all pet bedding with hot water.
  • Remove as many items from the floor or under beds as possible.
  • After treatment, vacuum all carpet and furniture and throw the bag or canister away for 2-3 weeks after treatment to continually remove eggs that are dropped from pets
  • Speak to your vet about natural flea treatments for your furry companion.

How You Can Prevent Fleas Naturally

Have more flea related questions? Give us a call. Need help with a different pest? Click here.