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Portland Mole Control

Is your gorgeous Portland lawn being ruined by moles? Moles love a healthy, lush environment and it’s often the case that the nicest lawn on the block is home to the most moles. These subterranean creatures can wreak havoc on lawns, gardens, and even structural foundations. If left unchecked, moles can quickly turn a well-maintained yard into a series of unsightly tunnels and mounds. Look no further for your local Portland mole control experts!



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How we control moles in Portland, OR

  • Set up traps. We secure traps with plastic covers but ask that kids and pets stay away from them at all times.
  • We’ll return once a week to check traps and clear out any caught moles.
  • We will reset the traps and continue monitoring until you stop seeing new mole activity.

How many moles are in my yard?

The vast majority of the time we see only one or two moles in a yard. If we’ve caught two moles but you’re still seeing new hills, we may need to relocate the traps and try a different approach. It’s also possible the tunnels are caused by rats which would require a new style of trap and new trap locations. We’ll work with you to explain our findings and set up the best mole trapping system for your home.

Identifying mole tunnels vs rat burrows

It’s fairly common for a rodent burrow to misidentified as a mole tunnel. Both creatures are small mammals who love to dig. In fact, a Norway rat can dig over 6 ft to get into your crawlspace. The basic method for comparing the two types of holes is the distinctive volcano shape that covers a mole tunnel. A rat burrow will be wide open and easy to see inside. Take a look at the photos below and if you think you have a rodent issue, check out our page on natural rodent control.

A mole hill is volcano-shaped while a rodent burrow is a smooth open tunnel without dirt over the opening.

DIY mole control Portland tips

A well-watered lawn is very conducive to grubs. Moles eat grubs such as earthworms, millipedes, snails, etc. so the healthier your lawn is the more likely you are to have moles. This can also be true if a neighbor’s lawn is particularly lush and the moles multiply and expand into your property.

Typically people are not interested in reducing their watering schedule and sacrificing their lawn so the most eco-friendly method for DIY mole control is caster oil granules. Using a hand spreader and caster oil granules available at your local hardware store should help. Start by granulating three times in a single week to ensure they soak down into the soil. The taste of caster oil will make the grubs in your lawn taste bad and the moles won’t be interested. The downside of this treatment is that it has to be done every week to remain effective.

Do you offer mole control in Vancouver, Washington?

While our general service area does indeed cover Vancouver, Washington we are unable to offer mole service in Washington State due to laws against trapping. You can read more in the attorney general’s opinion on mole control. Because of these restrictions it is unusual for wildlife or pest control businesses in Washington State to offer mole trapping.

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