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Wasp Removal in Portland

The most common wasps in Portland are Paper Wasps, Yellow Jackets, and Hornets. All of these are hugely beneficial because they help with pollination and with keeping other more problematic insects at bay. When possible it is best to let them be. Unfortunately, when they nest close to areas we frequent they may see us as a threat which may prompt a stinging attack. If you have a nest that is too close for comfort, then our Portland wasp removal is the perfect solution.



for a one time treatment. Includes a 45 day guarantee.

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Meet the Campbells

Holly and Austin Campbell prioritize safety for you and the world around you.
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How We Control and Remove Wasps Naturally

  • We always start by inspecting the activity to identify the wasp.
  • When possible we simply remove the nest.
  • For prevention we place traps around nuisance areas.
  • Depending on the size and location of the nest we may apply a natural insecticide.

What You Can Do

  • Cover garbage cans.
  • Keep areas free of exposed foods.
  • In the early spring hang bee friendly wasp traps for prevention.
  • Remove any empty nests during the winter season in order to prevent other pests, such as carpet beetles from feeding on or living in the nest.

Have other wasp related questions? Give us a call. Need help with a different pest? Click here.