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Natural Pest Control in Portland

To us, “Portland natural pest control” means two things. First, that we specialize in poison free rodent control. Second, that we always use the most natural products possible for insect and spider control.

In Portland today, most pest control companies offer safe and eco-friendly services. More times than not, that means that they abide by state and federal pesticide safety regulations. That is great and we celebrate it; however, we are committed to more.

Portland Natural Pest Control – What Separates Us

Poison Free Rodent Control

Rodent poisons are safe to use by EPA standards. That is why they are legal and labeled for use. However, we wholeheartedly aim to solve your rodent problems without them. Rodents feed much of the wildlife in Portland and they are still on the primal menus of most of our furry family members. Sadly, if a rodent is eaten after it consumes poison, it can then transfer that poison up the food chain. Even the safest rodent poisons have warning labels. Thankfully, there are more effective ways to control rodents naturally. Using these methods is our commitment at Campbell Natural Pest Control.

With some investigative work we:

  • Find and seal entry points
  • Set up and maintain poison free trapping
  • Show your where and how to remove conducive conditions (such as food, water, and hiding spots)

Natural Insect and Spider Control

In our approach to insect and spider control, we always use the most natural products possible. There are plenty of safe synthetic products available; but, if we are able to solve your problem with less aggressive products we will.

Most of our control efforts begin with active ingredients such as:

We promise a natural, effective, and customized solution for the pest problem in your Portland home. If you have any questions about natural pest control or our methods, please don’t hesitate to give us call.