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Natural Rodent Control in Portland

Portland is home to a multitude of rats and mice. These rodents are both economic and health pests because they destroy food and property and transmit various diseases. Our natural approach to rodent control is a sure-fire way to protect your home and health. We wholeheartedly commit to solving your rodent problem, poison free.



for an inspection

or $499

for our basic 3 Visit Plan

Our Approach to Natural Rodent Control

  • Visit 1: We do a full property inspection and lay out our recommendations. If all you need is expert advice, then the cost is $99. If you purchase the 3 Visit Plan that inspection fee is waived. We usually set traps but do not seal holes at the first visit to avoid sealing the rodents inside.
  • Visit 2: We return in about a week to check traps and seal off entry holes with rodent-proof materials. Note that we charge extra for roof work that requires a safety harness.
  • Visit 3: The final visit could be as simple as confirming that there is no new activity or it could involve more sealing if we find new entry holes.

Why Choose Poison Free Trapping?

Rodent poisons are generally considered safe when handled properly. However, at Campbell Natural Pest Control we have a higher standard. Whenever a rodent consumes poison it enters the food chain and can secondarily poison local wildlife and neighborhood pets. This is a risk that we are willing to avoid at all costs. Fortunately, trapping, though more labor intensive, is extremely effective. Trapping also allows for easy removal of trapped rodents and helps avoid having rodents die in your walls. All of our traps are baited with poison free peanut butter. Our best poison alternative is our A24 automatic trap.

What You Can Do

  • Limit food sources such as exposed pet food, compost, bird seed and unharvested fruit. (Click here to find out how your unharvested fruit can help your community)
  • Remove any standing water around the property in order to reduce the number of watering sites.
  • Maintain a 1-3 ft. perimeter around your home clear of tree branches, shrubs, lawn debris, woodpiles, etc.
  • Keep clutter and garbage to a minimum. Rodents can nest in materials such as clothing, paper, and linens.
  • Consider an owl box. A single owl can consume up to 12 rodents per night, hence making them an ideal partner for natural pest control.

Have more rodent related questions? Give us a call. Need help with a different pest? Click here.