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How To Get Rid of Mice Naturally

‘How to get rid of mice naturally?’ – its a question, we get asked far too commonly. So, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly pest control service in Portland, then look no further. Today, we will discuss everything you need to know about getting rid of mice and rats naturally, safely, and effectively.

Campbell Natural Pest Control – Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Portland, OR

Nowadays, getting rid of mice and other pests is preferable to being done naturally. Many homeowners have seen the benefits of using natural pesticides rather than a synthetic approach, which can harm the environment and humans exposed to the chemicals used. 

The rodent population has shown significant growth, especially in Portland, OR. And more homeowners have chosen the natural method to remove pests, especially rodents, from their property without having to worry about their families and other wildlife. 

Campbell Natural Pest Control is proud to offer eco-friendly solutions to your rodent infestation. Situated in Portland, Oregon. We provide natural rodent control throughout Oregon, including cities like Beaverton, Fairview, Milwaukie, and more!

Tips for Natural Rodent Control in Portland, OR

 poision free rat control Portland

We have compiled a few tips on how you can control rodents at home using a natural, vegan method.

 Tip 1: Make Your Home Unattractive to Rodents

Rodents enter the dirt crawl space through the skirting. You don’t need to make your home rodent-proof; you simply need to make it less desirable than your neighbor’s property. Rodents will move to areas where it is most convenient to find food, water, and shelter. 

Here we list down the most common risk factors for rodents to help you know where to start making your home less attractive to mice.  

  • Greenspace next door
  • Vacant structures nearby
  • Dirt crawl spaces
  • A poorly maintained residence in the neighborhood (for sure you know the one)
  • Vegetable gardens
  • A deck or porch up against the house
  • A chicken coop nearby
  • Rock retaining walls 

Reduce Interest from Mice Using Poison Free Rat Control 

  1. Strap your trash cans to secure the lids firmly in place.
  2. Food should be sealed in airtight containers, such as glass jars.
  3. Clear all obstructions, such as brush, wood heaps, rockeries, etc., from a 1-foot radius around your home.
  4. Eliminate stagnant water, such as birdbaths.
  5. Since dog excrement contains a lot of protein, carbohydrates, and other foods that mice prefer to consume, clean it up.
  6. To stop rats from climbing fruit trees and berry plants for a feast, trim the bottom and sides of these plants. 

Tip 2: Keep Your Home Secure

Aside from making your home unattractive to mice, you should also seal your home so that rodents can’t enter your home. Here are the steps to securing your home against mice. 

  1. Assure that the pass-through apertures in your utility lines are snug:
  • Supply and disposal lines for sinks
  • Exterior plumbing stacks of the home
  • Gas pipes entering your laundry room or kitchen
  • Check electrical lines, especially those that are on exterior walls
  1. Make sure all utility vents have snug pass-through openings and a secure wire mesh:
  • Kitchen fan vents
  • Dryer vents
  • Bathroom fan vents
  1. Protect your doors from the weather:
  • Use weather stripping or your garage doors to fill the gaps.
  • For a flawless seal with the opening above, gaps in cement pads (such as those around your garage door) should be sealed.
  • Exterior doorways must hang square and level to ensure a good seal.
  1. Check your roof for simple access points before investing more in wire mesh.
  • Dormers have intricate seams between the shingles, fascia boards, and windows to keep mice out.Gaps can be produced by time and subpar workmanship.
  • Attic vents are required to ward off moisture, but they can deteriorate over time. Your vent grates may also become punctured by wasp nests, bird nests, and other animal activities.
  • Metal boxes called chimney caps are used to conceal the opening at the top of your chimney. Look for corrosion or cracks in yours. You can purchase one for less than $100 if you don’t already have one. 

Install Mesh Wire for More Natural Pest Control in Portland, OR

  • Choose a wire mesh that is easy to bend and has quarter-inch holes for your project. Galvanized mesh is the best option since it has a unique coating that prevents rust and extends its lifespan. The majority of hardware stores sell similar items for around $10.
  • Choose your screws carefully since the best screws for mounting mesh have a big head that prevents them from slipping through the wire’s holes. Again, to prevent rust, we advise using galvanized screws. Aim for an inch or less in length and the smallest possible diameter. Making larger holes in your home requires the use of larger screws.
  • Mount your wire mesh by cutting a segment of wire that sticks out from the rim of the opening on all sides by about an inch. To fit snugly from the inside of a corner or around a border, bend the wire. 

The mice will merely burrow under your mesh if there is any slack in it. Screws should be placed every four inches or so to secure the mesh. When on your roof, avoid anchoring into your shingles directly to avoid the possibility of a leak. 

Tip 3: Catch Any Mice That Are Already Inside the House Using Eco-friendly Pest Control in Portland, OR 

Choosing the correct trap and setting it up correctly are two essential steps in ensuring that you get rid of mice naturally. No matter what kind of trap you employ, we advise using peanut butter as bait. It is affordable, natural, and very alluring to mice. 

An anticoagulant rodenticide is the sort of mouse bait that is by far the most popular. In other words, it thins the animal’s blood, leaving it to bleed to death and expire gradually. 

Poison baits are cruel to animals as they can kill them slowly over time. Using this approach to get rid of mice can also have a catastrophic effect on local animals like your neighbor’s cat and the urban owl that loves to consume rodents. 

Finally, mice may perish within your walls.It can be very difficult to remove and will make your home smell like a rotten corpse. Many pest control companies that use poison to remove rodents claim that the mice become weak and thirsty. They will then go in search of water and die outside. But that isn’t how it works. 

Due to its low cost and ease of usage by any member of the public, poison bait is frequently utilized by traditional pest management firms. A bait box can be set up more quickly and easily than a trap assessment, entry hole closing, or trap placement. 

Tip 4: Outdoor Mouse Control That Is Natural

The following tip is to use a natural and safe outdoor mouse control. Here are the two best outdoor mouse controls that you can use on your property. 

Automatic traps

A single cartridge of the self-resetting Goodnature A24 trap kills 24 mice. Place it outside, then wait while you relax. Installing one is no problem for Campbell Natural Pest Control. 

Owl Box for Rodent Control

barn owl natural rodent control

Up to 12 rats are eaten by owls each night! Every nesting season, putting an owl box increases your chances of seeing an owl by roughly 50%. So, you might want to start building owl boxes on your property and see how the rodent population decreases.

Different Types of Natural Mouse Traps

Stop using poison baits for mice and instead transition to an all-natural mouse trap that has been proven effective and safe. Here are some types of natural mouse traps that you can consider using to resolve your rodent problems. 

Snap Traps by T-Rex

Snap traps made by T-Rex are dependable, kind, and reusable. The Bell plastic T-Rex snap trap has interlocking teeth and is very sensitive. They remain in place because they are significantly heavier than conventional wooden  

Additionally, the traps are washable and reusable indefinitely, making them more environmentally friendly than single-use traps. The forceful plastic teeth cause a swift and painless demise. The bases of the traps contain tiny holes through which a zip tie can be inserted to fasten the traps to vertical pipes and beams. 

ContraPest Rodent Birth Control Portland, OR

A revolutionary, non-toxic liquid-based birth control called ContraPest was developed to lower rat fertility and reproduction rates. Furthermore, this clever rat contraceptive causes reversible infertility, actively lowering the local mouse population in Portland. 

Live Traps

If you find it difficult to kill a rodent, live traps can be a better option. Simply lay a tempting reward inside, and as the mouse enters, let the door click shut. Such traps must be inspected every day or you run the risk of letting a mouse starve to death, which is much worse than dying instantly in a snap trap. 

How To Get Rid of Mice Naturally in Portland Easily

If you want a natural approach to getting rid of mice the natural way, you can contact one of the pest control companies in Portland that uses natural methods. Check out and contact Campbell Natural Pest Control for a quotation to resolve your mice problem in a natural and hassle-free way.