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ContraPest Rat Birth Control Now Available in Portland, OR


You’ve got a Rat Problem? We’ve Got A Solution that Works – ContraPest Rat Birth Control is now available in Portland, OR. 

Rats! These pesky little rodents sure know how to make their way into homes. Rats are notorious for spreading diseases to both humans and pets! And they’re also really good at damaging insulation throughout a house. 

Stop trying to catch and kill rats! Because we’ve got a solution that actually works! And that is Contrapest rat birth control.

Rat Birth Control in Portland: Is that Even a Thing?

Yes, it’s true! ContraPest has developed an innovative solution to combat homeowners’ rat infestation problem in Portland. 

Contrapest is a liquid contraceptive designed to decrease fertility in both male and female rats. Its liquid formulation is sweet, making it seem like an appealing treat to these pesky critters.

Don’t tackle the rat problem alone! Let us help you figure out how to get rid of the rats and mice safely, effectively, and ethically.

So, is ContraPest Effective In Reducing the Rat Population?

Heck yes! But the results are cumulative. As rats consume more and more liquid contraceptives, they naturally decrease their ability to reproduce. To better understand its efficacy, let’s look at field research conducted in 2017.

In a complex urban environment, where property boundaries limit access to populations and foraging areas, ContraPest reduced the seasonal population peak by 67% after 133 days of baiting. – wildlife fertility control. 

Don’t believe us? Well, check out the results from a recent 2020 study.

In this study, researchers compared the effects of rat birth control amongst two groups of rats. The first group received ad lib (as much) rat birth control as they liked. While the second group received nothing.

After 15 days, the researchers assessed the breeding and fertility in both groups. Here’s what they found!

The treatment group, aka the group that got rat birth control, produced no litters during the first and second breeding rounds. But, in the group of rats that did not consume rat birth control, well, 70% of its females produced litters.

Need we say more?

Get control with a rat contraceptive.

I’m Sold! How Do I Try Rodent Birth Control for my Portland Home?

Dealing with a rodent infestation is certainly not an easy task! But fortunately, we are here to help.

Experts in all things eco! Campbell Natural Pest Control is here to provide you with natural rodent control solutions. And now, we can also provide you with ContraPest rat birth control.

A Natural Solution to your Rat Problem.

We proudly offer a natural and effective solution to your rodent problem. Campbell Natural Pest Control now provides rat birth control throughout the Portland, Oregon region, including Beaverton, Fairview, Gladstone, Portland, and more!

So talk to us today to learn how you can get your hands on Contraceptive birth control for rats.

ContraPest is more than just a Rat Contraceptive! It’s the Solution to Your Rodent Infestation.