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Why are there so many Spiders in my Home?

Spider season peaks during late summer and early fall. During this time, you’ll notice more activity in and around your home. You may find yourself asking, “Why are there so many spiders in my home?” Spiders are actually a great form of natural pest control because they eat many of the insects that surround our homes. Unfortunately, many of us have reached our threshold with the number of spiders we feel comfortable sharing our home with during the summer.

What you can do to reduce the spider population:

Some actions that you can take to make spiders less attracted to your home is to make your home less attractive to their prey. Sometimes, a task as simple as closing the blinds or curtains at night to limit the amount of light coming from your home. A spider’s prey will venture to the light coming from your windows, making it a great habitat for spiders.

You can also cut back on spider breeding areas by reducing clutter and cleaning regularly. Additionally, you should keep a foot wide perimeter around your home clear of shrubs, garbage, lawn debris, woodpiles, etc. Make sure to remove any standing water around the property to reduce the number of watering sites.

What the professionals can do to reduce the spider population:

When you feel like you have exhausted all efforts to cut back on the spider population and you feel like you are fighting a losing battle, it’s time to call the professionals in. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Exterior perimeter dewebbing- we knock down existing spider habitats.
  • Exterior and/or interior spray and/or dusting- we typically apply a perimeter application of an eco-friendly powder and/or spray which provides a residual effect. These products are safe for your children and pets to be around too!
  • Personalized prevention advice- we walk you through changes you can make at home to reduce attractants. Remember, the most natural form of pest control is prevention!

If you need help with spiders at your home in the greater Portland area, please don’t hesitate to call in the experts. Give us a call at 503-303-8303 or book online here!