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We are Featured on The Rip City Review!

Rip City’s Best Pest Control Services in Portland

We are so excited to be featured among the best pest control services in Portland by The Rip City Review! This review site helps local PDX residents find new companies they might not be aware of and lets new-comers know who they recommend for needed services. Check out their site here.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Online booking!

Our customers, new and returning, have the convenience to choose the service they need and browse available appointment times 24/7. We have a variety of ways to book from Yelp, Facebook, call, text, email, and booking directly on our website. You can find online booking here.

Non-lethal rodent control methods!

We offer non-lethal rodent control through monthly service with rodent birth control using ContraPest products. This is a great way to decrease the rodent population without having to worry about spreading poison throughout the ecosystem. Rodent contraceptives even boast a higher long-term effectiveness over traditional rodenticide. You can read more about it here.

No sales team!

One major component of providing natural pest control services is making sure that we aren’t selling you something that you don’t need. This is super important to us. We don’t want to become pests in trying to sell you pest control. Austin and I want to help Portland become pest free and that starts with us! We also want our customers to feel confident that if we are suggesting a product or service, it is because it is truly needed and not just a technician trying to boost their paycheck or a salesperson trying to meet a quota.

Family Owned and Operated!

We are a husband and wife team located right here in Portland! This is how we can offer same day emergency service. No matter how you contact us, you are either reaching myself (Holly) or my husband, Austin directly. We also just welcomed our first born into the world, so when you book with us, you’re helping us pay off these hospital bills. 😉

We are local family owned natural pest control provider!

Ready to protect your home from pests the natural way? Contact us today and we’ll help you get started right away!