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Portland Rodent Control Regulations

If you are interested in the city codes regarding Portland rodent control then here is the link to the full document / regulations:

Portland Chapter 8.40 Rodent Control

Here are some portions of the Portland rodent control code for various audiences in the city.

For restaurants and food businesses:

8.40.020 Regulations.

  1. It is unlawful for any person to keep, store, or expose for sale any food, food product, or other thing which rats might eat, or to occupy any building, storeroom, grain elevator, warehouse, or residence within the corporate limits of the City without complying with the regulations herein provided for protection against, and elimination of rodents.

For homeowners:

8.40.110 Metal Garbage Cans Required.

  1. No person whether owner, lessee or occupant or agent of any premises improved or unimproved shall keep or permit to be kept in any building, areaway, or upon any premises or in any alley, street, or public place adjacent to any premises, any waste animal or vegetable matter, dead animals, butcher’s offal, fish or parts of fish, swill, garbage, or any refuse matter from any public eating place, place of business, residence or other building, whereon or wherein garbage shall be created unless the same be collected and kept in an a tight covered metal can or vessel.

For commercial property owners and property managers:

8.40.080 Sanitary Maintenance of Buildings.

  1. All buildings, places and premises in the City shall be kept and maintained by the owner, or occupant thereof, in a clean and sanitary condition, free from rats.

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