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Portland Rodent Control Codes

The City of Portland provides a resource for Rodent Control (Chapter 8.40), and that resource can be found here:

A few codes pertain specifically to non-residential buildings, such as 8.40.030 New Buildings to be Made Ratproof which reads:

It is unlawful for any person to construct any building or structure or to repair or remodel any building or structure to the extent of 50 percent of the cost new unless the same shall be made ratproof by the use of impervious material as herein provided.

Another commercial property-oriented code is 8.40.140 Additional Regulations, which reads:

  1. The Health Officer may require any building used for storing food, food products, or other goods, wares, and merchandise, or in which foods, or food products, foods, wares, merchandise, or other material which rats might eat shall be stored to be provided with rat traps.  The traps shall be baited and inspected, smoked, rebaited and set in an approved manner.  Any person who shall have caught a rat shall inform the sanitary division of the Bureau of Health and keep such rat until disposed of under direction of the Health Officer, if he shall have been instructed by the officer so to do.

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