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New Videos About Rodent Prevention In Portland

We recently uploaded several short videos showing some of the work we have done for rodent control (rodent prevention) in the Portland area. Here are some of the resources regarding rodents in Portland:

Portland Rodent Control Codes (Sanitation, 8.40)

From this resource:

8.40.100 Nuisance Abatement.

  1. It shall be the duty of the Health Officer, or those whom he may direct, to cause any person to abolish, remove or abate any nuisance defined in Section 8.40.090.  In case such person shall fail, neglect or refuse to abolish, remove or abate such nuisance within 24 hours after being directed so to do or such further time as said Health Officer may reasonably allow, such nuisance shall be abated in the manner provided by City ordinance for the abatement of nuisances.  The cost of abating such nuisance shall be assessed against the property and collected in the same manner as that provided by ordinance in case of abatement of any other nuisance.  Any person against whose property such costs are assessed shall be subject to other penalties provided by this Code.

8.40.110 Metal Garbage Cans Required.

  1. No person whether owner, lessee or occupant or agent of any premises improved or unimproved shall keep or permit to be kept in any building, areaway, or upon any premises or in any alley, street, or public place adjacent to any premises, any waste animal or vegetable matter, dead animals, butcher’s offal, fish or parts of fish, swill, garbage, or any refuse matter from any public eating place, place of business, residence or other building, whereon or wherein garbage shall be created unless the same be collected and kept in an a tight covered metal can or vessel.

8.40.120 Accumulation of Waste Matters Attractive to Rats.

  1. No rubbish, waste, or manure shall be placed, left, dumped, or permitted to accumulate or remain in any building, place, or premises in the City in such a manner that the same shall or may afford a harborage or breeding place or food for rats.
Chapter 8.40 Rodent Control |

Article From KOIN About Rat Problems In Portland

Last year, pest control company Orkin did a study on the ‘rattiest’ cities in America. The study was based on the number of new rodent treatments performed from Sep. 15, 2020 to Sep. 15, 2021. Out of the list of 50 cities, Portland was ranked at No. 24.

Portland OR rats: Seeing rats near your home? Here’s what you should do (

Below are some of our videos which show how we help prevent rodents such as rats and mice from entering your home:

If you would like us to visit your home to inspect any rodent situation then you are welcome to contact us or use this button to book your appointment online: