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How to Naturally Control Fleas

Summertime is officially in full swing and that means that it’s open season for fleas! Your furriest family members fall victim to flea bites, and you are looking for natural solutions as how to restore peace back into your home!

Take Action:

First, we want to make sure that your pet is being addressed. As always, it’s best to consult your pet’s vet to determine what the most safe and effective product will be for you pet. The first line of defense is to make sure you wash your pet with flea medicated shampoos and conditioners. Then, apply a flea medication to your pet for prevention and direct treatment. Many pet stores and veterinary clinics will also sell flea spray that you can you use for your pet and their bedding if you do not want to use a harsh product directly on your pet.

Next, make sure to wash any affected bedding and clothing. A washer and dryer will kill any lingering fleas. Once it is clean, just make sure to keep it separate from your pet and carpet until you have the chance to address them as well. If you have heavier carpets or rugs that you can’t wash and dry, a steam cleaner will overheat any eggs and kill adult fleas.

Be Safe:

One thing you will run across one hundred times over when researching natural solutions for pest control, is the use of essential oils. We want to emphasize safety and responsibility when it comes to this. Always make sure that when using essential oils for purpose of pest control, that you are buying products that are specifically formulated as an insecticide.

Make sure you do NOT just buy a bottle of pure oil and sprinkle it on your rug (or your pet)! What you are looking for is a blend of essential oils that is diluted and designated as an insecticide that is safe for pets! You want to be intentional with this, as some oils can be toxic to animals. Essential oils are for applications to surfaces, not living beings!


Now that the fleas are gone, how do you keep it that way? Remember, prevention is always the most natural type of pest control. Luckily, you can develop some pretty easy habits to help keep those pests gone for good!

Regularly wash your pet! We’ve made it a family habit to make sure that if we take our pup to the dog park, she gets a bath as soon as she comes home. A good rule of thumb for baths, is to wash your pet once a week during the hotter months. We recommend using a medicated flea shampoo in the bath.

Regularly wash your pet’s bedding! This is such an easy way to prevent any lingering fleas from spreading. By just maintaining this regular habit, you can be stopping an infestation in its tracks!

Get a dehumidifier! We recommend dehumidifiers for just about everything. Most household pests are going to be attracted to moisture. Many pests, fleas especially, are going to be looking for dark, warm climates to hatch eggs and find a place to call home. Keeping your home low on moisture is a great way to naturally prevent many pests, not just fleas!

Hire a Professional:

If you are still having trouble getting rid of fleas, it’s time to call in a professional! That’s where we come in! Due to the nature of a flea’s life cycle, we always recommend a 3 visit treatment. This allows us to attack the adult stage of flea and ensure that they are gone once and for all! You can find out more about our natural approach to flea control here. Have more flea related questions? Give us a call at 503-303-8303.