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Example Of Wasp And Hornet Control In Portland Area Playground

This short video shows an example of the kinds of situations where our natural wasp, hornet, bee and insect control services can help a local Portland area community. In this case, the job was to remove insects which could sting kids at a local area playground:

We also found some helpful tips about pest prevention from Multnomah County which you might find helpful:

Pest Identification

Identifying a pest is the first step to preventing and controlling it. Once you’ve identified your pest you can learn about it so you can develop a control plan.

Look It Up

Identify the pest online using an illustrated pest identification guide, which can be found on cooperative extension service(link is external), university and government websites. You can also find printed guides from your library or cooperative extension office.

Ask an Expert

Consult a pest expert through a cooperative extension office, such as the OSU Insect ID Clinic(link is external). A pest professional, farm advisor, agricultural commissioner, or USDA biologist can also help.

If You Still Need Help

We can help identify pests using one of these options:

  • Email a picture to sends e-mail)
  • Contact our office to set up an appointment
  • Mail a sample into our office.
    • Place the insect(s) in the freezer overnight to ensure that they are dead.
    • Place the insect(s) in a ziploc bag, pill bottle, or other small container and use a paper towel for padding to protect it while shipping.
    • Send the sample and your contact information in a padded envelope or other sturdy packaging to the address below c/o Ecologist.

If you need any help with pest control such as insect or rodent removal then you are welcome to contact us (click here) or book your appointment online at this button:

Thank you and we look forward to helping you soon.