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A Winter Guide to Rodent Prevention in Oregon

How to Keep Rodents out During the Winter

Another brutal winter descends upon Portland, Oregon, and the cozy atmosphere of our homes becomes enticing not only to residents but also to rodents seeking shelter from the cold. This comprehensive guide, supported by reputable references, details effective strategies to keep your home rodent-free during the winter months.

Seal Entry Points:

Rodents are adept at squeezing through small openings. Conduct a meticulous inspection of your home’s exterior and seal any gaps using weatherstripping, caulk, or steel wool around doors, windows, vents, and utility penetrations.

Reference: Oregon State University Extension – “Rats” OSU Extension – Rats

Maintain a Tidy Yard:

Rodents thrive in unkempt environments. Trim overgrown vegetation, clear debris, and store firewood away from your home to eliminate hiding spots and reduce the attractiveness of your property.

Reference: Multnomah County Vector Control – “Rodent Control” Multnomah County Vector Control

Secure Food Sources:

Prevent rodents’ access to food by storing it in airtight containers, promptly cleaning up crumbs, and refraining from leaving pet food out overnight. Proper garbage disposal is crucial in avoiding enticing smells.

Reference: City of Portland – “Pest Control” City of Portland – Pest Control

Install Door Sweeps:

Minimize entry points by installing door sweeps on exterior doors. These act as an effective barrier, preventing rodents, especially mice, from infiltrating your home.

Reference: Washington State University Extension – “Mice” WSU Extension – Mice

Use Rodent-Resistant Materials:

Consider employing materials resistant to rodent gnawing for any necessary repairs. Upgrade damaged siding with materials that rodents find less appealing.

Reference: University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources – “Rats” UC ANR – Rats

Schedule Regular Inspections:

Proactive measures are essential. Regularly inspect your home and consider hiring professional pest control services to identify and address potential issues before they escalate.

Reference: Oregon Department of Agriculture – “Pesticide Applicator Licensing” ODA – Pesticide Applicator Licensing


As winter settles in Portland, safeguarding your home against rodents demands a proactive approach. By sealing entry points, maintaining a tidy yard, securing food sources, installing door sweeps, using rodent-resistant materials, and scheduling regular inspections, you can fortify your home against unwelcome guests and ensure a warm, pest-free winter.

Contact Campbell Natural Pest Control if you find and rats or mice in your house today.