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6 Ways to Successfully Accomplish Poison Free Rodent Control

Many times when people consider rodent control for their home or business, their first thought goes to using poisons. This is also what a traditional pest control company usually offers as their first line of defense against rats or mice. Here at Campbell Natural Pest Control, we want to show you just how attainable poison free rodent control is! Take a look at the diagram below and we’ll show you some of our most common poison free rodent interventions.

1. Gutter Flashing

Gutter flashing is needed when there is a continuous gap around your roofline where the shingles meet the gutter. We seal off access around the roofline for all vulnerable areas along the home’s perimeter. This is a permanent solution for keeping animals out of the attic.

2. Trench and Screen

A trench and screen is needed when rodents start to enter a crawl space through burrowing along the foundation and tunneling inside. We install and bury a rodent screen around the home. The screen prevents rodents from digging under to nest and breed.

3. Mechanical Traps

Mechanical traps are a great way to initially rid the living space of the current rodent population. If you opt in for a rodent plan, we’ll set these up on the same day as your inspection. These are humane snap traps baited with peanut butter. No poison necessary!

4. Exclusion Work

Exclusion work is when we seal off rodent entry points. This work is typically started on the second visit of a 3 Visit Plan. Sealing off entry points is going to look different every time. We’ll use rodent proof materials such as galvanized steel to stop rodents in their tracks. This work can be done inside a crawl space, attic, roof, or even inside the home.

5. Rodent Birth Control

Rodent birth control is a great option if you are looking for a non-lethal way to control the rodent population around your home or business. You can read more about how it compares to a traditional rodenticide plan here.

6. Owl Box

Owl Boxes can be installed in certain eligible homes. We would come out for an inspection to make sure that your yard is a suitable location to host an owl and install an owl box for an owl to call their new home! You can sit back and watch nature in action as an owl becomes your new favorite technician.

If you want to find out what poison free rodent control would look like for your specific home or business, give us a call! We’re happy to set you up with an inspection and come up with a custom plan together!