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2 Reasons Why Professional Wasp Nest Removal is a Pro’s Job.

Professional wasp nest removal – it’s not a DIY job, it’s a pro’s job!

No one likes to deal with stinging insects, right? Paper wasps are a common problem in Portland, OR, particularly during the warmer months. So if you see a wasp nest on your property, do you DIY it, or should you contact a professional wasp exterminator in Portland?

Today we’ll give you 2 reasons why wasp nest removal should be left to professionals!

What Is Professional Wasp Nest Removal All About?

So, you’ve got a wasp nest invading your home. And, chances are you’ve probably already asked yourself – do I need a professional to remove a wasp nest?

Professional wasp nest removal involves strategically removing active and inactive nests from a property safely and effectively. Professional exterminators have the equipment needed to get the job done safely. They can also ensure homeowners take the steps needed to prevent future infestations.

A little more about wasps…

Wasps are social insects that live in colonies, typically nesting in protected locations. The presence of wasp nests can be a sign that other insects are present in the area, such as bees, hornets or termites.

One way to identify a wasp nest is by noticing the presence of stinging or biting insects around the perimeter of the property. There may also be a sweet or pungent odor, like vanilla or garlic. In addition to bees and wasps, other possible signs include open windows, clogged gutters, broken windows and walls, and woodpecker holes in trees near the house.

2 Reasons Why Wasp Extermination is Pros Job

There’s no questioning it, wasp extermination and nest removal should be left to the pros because professional pest control exterminators will know how to correctly and safely remove wasp nests. Here are 3 reasons why you should not remove a wasp nest on your own.

1. Wasp Nest Removal is a Dangerous Job.

Wasps, hornets, and yellow-jackets are aggressive, territorial stingining insects. When their nest is under-attack they will do what they can to defend it. One wasp sting can hurt, but can you imagine a few hundred?

A sting from a wasp or a hornet can cause a local reaction that’s painful. In rare cases, some people may experience a severe allergic reaction that will require immediate medical assistance.

2. Prevention can be Difficult.

It doesn’t matter if its a Paper wasp or a Yellow-Jacket! These stinging insects may continue to build their nests on your property, long after the initial nest is removed. Knowing how to prevent wasp infestation and nest building is crucial to keeping them away from your home.

When you hire a professional wasp nest exterminator they’ll not only remove the active wasp nest for you but they’ll also help you prevent future infestations.

Campbell Natural Pest Control| Professional Wasp Exterminators in Portland, OR

wasp nest in a Portland, Oregon home.
hornet nest removal

Don’t get stung, leave the wasp nest removals to the pros! If you’re looking for the best professional wasp exterminator then we’ve got you covered.

Campbell Natural Pest Control proudly provides wasp nest removal throughout Portland, OR. Our team of pest control experts can:

  • Identify the species infesting your home: Is it a wasp or a hornet’s nest? We can safely identify which stinging bug is making your house their home.
  • Safe removal of wasp nests: Whether it’s multiple or just a single nest, we guarantee that we can remove them safely.

Cost-Effective Wasp Nest Removal in Portland, Oregon

$199 for a one time treatment with a 45 day gurantee.

Now wasps and hornets can be a year round problem. During the winter months you may encounter a few inactive nests, during the spring and summer months, wasps may continue to build their nests in unusual places throughout your property.

Fortunately, we’ve got a cost-effective solution to this problem!

Campbell Natural Pest Control offers an eco and budget-friendly quarterly service plan for wasp and hornet nest removals in Portland, OR.

Common Questions Professional Wasp Nest Removal in Portland, OR

hornet nest removal in Portland, OR

How much does wasp nest removal cost in Portland, OR?

$199 for a one time treatment with a 45 day gurantee or $149 per quarter for a quartley service.

What’s the difference between wasp and hornet nests?

What are the differences between hornet and yellow jacket wasps? There are many differences between hornet and yellow jacket wasps, including:

  • Size: Yellow jackets are smaller than hornets. Yellow jackets are about 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch in size, while hornets can be as large as an inch or more in length.
  • Mask size: Yellow jackets have a small, metallic-looking mask across their face, while hornets have no mask.
  • Stinging ability: Yellow jackets are better known for their stings than hornets. They have a venomous sting that causes a painful, burning sensation, while hornets have a non-venomous sting that causes a minor sting similar to being stung by a mosquito.
  • Nest building: Yellow jackets build smaller nests than hornets. Their nests can be as small as a few inches across. Hornet nests can be larger and can take up large areas of land.
  • Nest location: Yellow jacket nests are usually found in trees and bushes, while hornets build their nests underground or on the ground.
  • Diet: Yellow jacket larvae eat other insects, such as caterpillars and flies, which make them less desirable to people who want to keep the population under control. Hornet larvae eat other insects, such as ants and honeybees, so they are more popular among people who want to control the population of these insects.